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Aoi Aiba As Ruri's older twin, she looks identical to Ruri when they were the same age.Due to being encased in a crystal and the powers of the sacred seven,she has not aged a day since she was entrapped within. Edit


In the short amount of screen time she has when she was not encased by crystal, she is shown to have a personality that seems to mirror ruri's. She is more honest with her feelings as she hangs off of kagami during her introduction to ruri's other friends


She is the other survivor of the Darkstone assault on the Aiba family, 5 years before the story line along with Ruri, who only survived because she was extremely late.

She instinctively encased herself in a crystal to protect herself, at the beginning of the story Ruri has been attempting to free her from this state.


During one of Alma Tandouji and Darkstone exterminating missions, Aoi's crystal broke because Alma's residue Sacred Seven powers, but was in a coma. In episode 12, Aoi woke up in Kenmi's facility. She was aware of what was going on the whole time she had been encased.Aoi Aiba

Aoi used her pendant to awaken Knight's True form.

Powers and AbilityEdit

Sacred Seven light stone activation- as Ruri's twin, she has the same capabilities as Ruri, but because she spent most of the series encased in a crystal, she is only shown using her powers during the last episode


Ruri- before she was encased in a crystal, it was shown in flashbacks that the two gotten along extremely well

Kagami- she apparently harbors feelings for him as in episode 12, she was hanging off of him while she was introducing herself to Wakana and her friends


Due to encasing herself in a crystal, she has not aged a day since the assault, thus at the end of episode 12, when she introduced herself to Alma's and Ruri's friends, she introduced as Ruri's younger sister despite being the older twin.

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