Race Human
Gender female
Eyes brown
Hair black
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kanae Itō

Wakana is a childhood friend of Alma Tandouji and a side character in the Sacred Seven series.


She is an average sized girls with short black hair and brown eyes. She has two green hairpins on the left side of her head.


She is the only person not afraid of Alma Tandouji at the start of the series. She seems to be a bit of an airhead. She has an obsession with finding "good" rocks, always calling them "cute" and often speaks directly to them.


She is a childhood friend of Alma after the incident where he went berserk. She moved to the same town as him a few days after the event and decided to befriend him when she misunderstood his interest in the river as him searching for rocks.


At the beginning of the series Wakana makes her first appearance as the only one to greet Alma when he arrives at school. She is told off for this by her two friends who remind her of the dark rumors surrounding Alma. Despite their protests, Wakana eagerly invites Alma to join the Rock Club encouraging him to join her friends and herself on their trip to the Rock Museum. During her wait, however, Wakana falls victim to Medusa's attack and is rushed away by ambulance after the battle is over, though it is stated she only had a few scratches.

Wakana is further involved in the schools festival were she is in charge of the Rock Club's display.

Later, she joins the Rock Club on their camping trip to the beach where she is adamant on visiting the stone shrine that she claims to have been built in the past to worship the stone gods.


  • Her parents own a drugstore
  • She resembles Rukia from the bleach anime/manga
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